End of Summer Blues


I currently lay on the end of Massie’s bed. I have a pink bow on my left ear, and the fan in blowing directly on me. Thank dawg.

“Bean, school is going to be starting soon, and Landon and I were thinking of having Inez babsit you both while were at school.” My ears shot up up when I heard this . Bark and I were going to be together for five days a week? Ehmydawg!

“Bark Bark!” I said. Even though Massie had no idea what I was saying, she acted like she did.

“Oh Bean.” She picked me up and set me on her vanity chair. I looked around at the pictures hanging off her mirror. Landon, PC, landon, PC, Landon, Bark and me?! I barked at Massie and she walked back over to me.

“What is it Bean?” She asked. I looked at the picture and she smiled. “I’m going to pick out an outfit for the first day of school. Puh-lease no distractions Bean!” She friendly yelled. I lay my head down again, and was rudely awoken by Massie tossing clothes over my head.

“How about this Skirt, this top, these bracelets, this necklace, those rings, and these earrings.” She asked me. I put my paw over my eyes.

“How about these shorts, these heels, this top, these bracelets, those earrings, and this necklace?” She held up another outfit. I shook my head.

“How about this dress, these heels, this ring, these bracelets, those earrings, these sunglasses, and this necklace?” She held up a pretty outfit that I immediatley barked at.

“Luh-uve? Me too.” She walked into the bathroom to try it on.

I was tired, so I went to bed.


“BEAN!” Massie screamed over the sound of her alarm clock. I turned my head in confusion. “I’m late to school!” She yelled.

“BARK!” I said. Meaning; Massie it’s a Saturday. What kind of school do you go to?!

“Just practicing.” She said. She hit snooze, and fell back asleep. I shook my head. Oh Massie.

Kendra Block was cooking breakfast when I came trottig down the stairs. In my food dish, was a waffle. yummy. I ate up as quick as i could.

“Bean!” I heard Massie yell as she walked down the stairs.

“Bark!” I said.

“Just making sure you were downstairs!” She yelled. I rolled my pug eyes. Silly Massie.


bark and I had a playdate that afternoon. We shared dog biscuits and pasta. Massie and Landon thought that was adorable.

“I love you.” Bark said. He put his tougne on my nose.

“I love you too.” I said. Then we kissed.

“Bean, I have to tell you something, I’m moving to Florida for the month of September. Bark Jacobs is expanding, and they decided to have a doggie fashion show..” Bark said. He put his paw on mine.

“You mean I won’t see you until October?!” I barked. I put my head down.

I officially had the End of Summer Blues.


An Afternoon Swim

It was a hot day, Massie decided to take me swimming because she saw I was sweating my paws off over by my new Bark Jacbos water dish.

” Come on Bean !” yelled Massie. I quickly cocked  my head to see what massie wanted.”HURRY UP”she screamed again. I  jumped off my butt, and ran to massie who was holding my swim cap and floaties. I knew what she wanted , she wanted to take me to go swimming.

” You excited Bean?” Massie asked. I starting wagging my tail and chasing it. Massie chuckled and headed out the door  to the swimming pool in back. Right when we got to the pool, we saw Kendra her mom, tanning in the sun.

“Bark Bark” I said to Kendra.

“Hi Mom” Massie said, Sassy, but nice.

.”Hi honey, taking Bean for a swim? asked Kendra.

” Yep” said Massie,  While putting on my floaties and sunscreen.

” Okay Bean your all set you can go swimming now” Massie said.

I nodded my head and wagged my tail. I went to the front steps of the pool and dipped my body in, only haveing my feet touch the stairs. i quickley jumped in when i couldnt get back up.

“Bubble Bubble” i said underwater

i knew something was wrong!!!!!!! i looked over and realized…MASSIE NEVER BLEW UP MY FLOATIES WITH AIR!!!!!!!!!!! I was drowning. Suddenly, i felt something beneth my feet, it was the stairs.


“O thank dog” i said to myself. i lifted my head up out of the water and went over to Massie to ask her to blow up my floaties. i had to becareful beacuse she had just put on her cucumber slices on her eyes, and no one can bother. I took off my float with my mouth and placed it on Massie’s lap.

” NOT NOW BEAN” Massie yelled. when Massie screamed i was kindof glad because it got her mom to look over at Massie. Kendra notcied i was over there crying for my flaotie.

” Come over here Bean, I’ll help you with that” said Kendra.

i wagged my tail and gave her an eskimo kiss right on the nose. when she was finshed with my swim things, i ran and did a cannonball! Massie jumped up off her chair, and saw that i jumped in she started laughing sooo hard, she had to call her friends about it. That night she was on the phone FOREVER talking about my day at the pool, As i went to bed, i was thinking about how I was a star to all of her FRIENDS.


A day in the life of me,Bean.


“Bark,Bark!” I said to the dogs in the park. Massie hollered at me to stawp barking.

“BEAN LOOK ITS BARK!” Massie screamed over the high-pitch barks of all the other dogs playing in the park. We were there for a play date with Bark and Landon.

Massie ran over to her boyfriend. Landon, and left me and bark alone.

“Hey Bark I like your new booties” I said.

“Thanks I like yours too” Bark said. for a moment he was starring into my eyes. I  looked away and saw him ran over and grab a frisbee.

” Want to play ?” Bark asked.

“Why nawt?” I said. I grabbed the frisbee with my mouth and passed it to Bark. He jumped up and caught it. We did this for about twenty minutes before Massie and Landon came back to take us home.

“Bye Bean, it was a real fun time hanging with you.” Bark said. I was going to say my good-byes, right when I felt a tougne touch mine. Bark has kissed me. It wasn’t like any other kiss I’ve had before, this one meant something to me. Finally I said good-bye, and Massie picked me up and put me into her Prada purse, and we went home.


Before I went to bed, I kept thinking about the kiss between me and Bark, and how it actually meant something to me. I curled up on my pillow and closed my eyes. Massie was on the phone with her friends, and I fell asleep thinking about Bark.